As WNPJ grounds our work in a Just Transition, we see our role as:

  • Connector: Creating opportunities for members to get to know each other and each other’s work. 
  • Catalyst: Sharing educational resources about the Just Transition framework and other innovative visions and actions.
  • Incubator: Supporting member groups work grounded in Just Transition and other innovative visions and actions.
  • Amplifier: Investing resources in the vision and leadership of those on the frontlines and most impacted by the extractive economy.
  • Reflection Space: Offering opportunities and tools for network members to reflect on their work.

WNPJ currently offers members these pathways to build connections throughout the state and strengthen our collective power.

The WNPJ Board is currently building our understanding of generational wealth as it relates to the deeply embedded legacy of racialized capitalism in this country. In the future, we hope to offer pathways for reflection and redistribution efforts at the network level.