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Congresswoman Lee Introduced a Resolution to Monitor and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the U.S. Military. Barbara Lee’s legislation demands that the U.S. military account for its heavy carbon bootprint and track, reduce and report greenhouse gas emissions for all operations, including troop deployments, overseas bases and bombings. WIsconsin’s Gwen Moore is a co-sponsor.

  • The carbon bootprint of the US military, larger than that of many countries. 
  • The wars for oil and other resources – how they support the fossil fuel-based status quo.
  • The unequal burden of both climate crisis and militarism on people of color, the poor, and future generations.
  • The resources spent on militarism and war – redirect to respond to the existential threat of climate crisis.

Sent to WNPJ by Peace ACtion WI – info@peaceaction

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