Member Spotlight
During two weeks in September a drilling crew sank ten geothermal wells in our parking lot

Madison Friends Meeting (Quakers) has a long history of work on social justice concerns. In recent years we have experimented with strengthening our effectiveness by identifying two focus issues for our work. Currently these are anti-racism and addressing climate change. 

Our anti-racism work builds on the work of our national and regional Quaker organizations in making a commitment to transform ourselves into an actively anti-racist faith community. We have been doing this through regular education forums; bi-weekly “updates” with links to videos, articles and actions those in our faith community can take; reviewing our internal processes and budget to ensure they align with this commitment; and engagement with local events and support of systemic change, especially in the area of criminal justice which includes our membership in MOSES.

One way we seek to embody our commitment to addressing climate change is through our building renovation, originally initiated to address accessibility issues. Thanks to a generous donation and the expertise of many of our members, our renovated building will be 80-90% powered using a combination of geothermal and solar energy. We look forward to educating the community on this effort as a way of inspiring other groups to move in this direction.

Architect’s rendering of completed Meetinghouse

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