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YOU keep our network going – and growing!

Membership and support from organizations and individuals like you give us the independence to pursue the call for peace, justice, sustainability and democracy wherever it takes us, without worrying that our priorities might be dictated by a few large donors or foundations.  Thank you for supporting our vital and ever growing network!

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Individuals & Households

Individuals & Households

Suggested dues:
Individual $35/yr Sustaining $52 ($1/wk)  Family $45/yr
Fixed Income $10/yr A-dollar-a-day-for peace $365/yr
Benefactor (any amount)
Waived fee – if you cannot pay

or mail a check

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Organization with paid staff: $75
Organization without paid staff: $50
Membership fee will be waived for organizations in line with our mission that cannot pay.

or mail a check

See what we offer to Member Organizations

Make a donation

Please mail checks to:
PO Box 727
Madison, WI 53701-0727

*Be sure to indicate whether this is an individual or organization membership!

or donate online now [needs link]


Member Organization form and mail it along with check payable to WNPJ | PO Box 727 | Madison, WI 53701

*If you are thinking of making a large contribution, consider writing a check or creating an ACH transfer to avoid the % fee that goes to our payment processor.

All credit card payments are made through PayPal, a secure online payment system.  Note: You do not need to register for a PayPal acount to use this service. 

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice is registered as a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization.