The Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice (WNPJ) was founded in 1991 as a coalition of activist groups and citizens of conscience within Wisconsin.


On February 23, 1991, more than 350 people representing over 60 communities throughout the state responded to a call from Representative Frank Boyle and crowded into the Assembly Chambers of the State Capitol to gather strength from one another in their frustration and concern about the Gulf War.

On that day, the ground war began.

Out of that gathering arose the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. Since that time, the Network has grown to include over 170 peace, human rights, religious, labor, and environmental organizations throughout the state.

Photo by Jeff Miller | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Founder and Wisconsin State Representative Frank Boyle of Superior said in February, 1991:

“The country’s ethical compass has snapped. We’re careening through violent military adventures abroad, converting this country into a two-class state of rich and poor, vastly increasing the inequalities in education, health care and employment, all of which feeds a social disintegration creating hopelessness, violence and crime. Instead of awareness and feeling, we’re given platitudes and thought control. This country is in deep trouble. Knowledgeable and courageous people joining together can demand a new course and stop this disintegration. That’s the definition of patriotism!”

Frank Boyle, Midge Miller, Fred Risser and Nan Cheney; some of our WNPJ founders

Bonnie Block, Nan Cheney (1930 – 2010) and Judy Miner compiled a history of WNPJ from 1991-2012. Please let us know if there is something important missing from this listing, by emailing

WNPJ History: 1991-2012 Download here
2021 WNPJ Annual Report