WNPJ is a network of 70 member organizations throughout Wisconsin.

Each organization operates autonomously in a decentralized manner. Collaboration amongst WNPJ organizations is voluntary and happens from the ground up. WNPJ also has numerous members who join the network as individuals and families.

WNPJ’s current guiding principles:

  • We welcome all people in a collaborative effort for social justice.
  • We value coalition building and support grassroots efforts within our autonomous communities.
  • We work through consensus to find common ground.
  • We respect and celebrate the dignity of all humans and of all life.
  • We uphold the virtues of compassion and nonviolence.
  • We are passionate about creating a just, vibrant, peaceful, and sustainable world, for ourselves and future generations.
  • Our vision of justice includes ending all systems of oppression.
  • We recognize that racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression are systemic and we must challenge those oppressions in all of our work.
  • Peace is possible.

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Should we link to Annual Report here as well as the history page? I’m not sure most people would think to look for it on the History page. Or have a page for all the historical annual reports? https://staging.wnpj.org/annual-reports/
Where do bylaws go? https://staging.wnpj.org/13340f6f-f4b5-4dfc-8bf8-d3d2e2fddaa3

Revised October 11, 2014.